UCO Trashtag Project

What is #trashtag? It’s a movement. It’s campers, hikers, outdoorspeople everywhere joining in and committing to removing trash from beautiful places. Trash has no place in the wilderness, and we are committed to removing 10,000 pieces of trash by October 2016. Join us, LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

JOIN THE EFFORT! It's simple, pick up trash, snap a photo and share it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #TrashTag.

Starting October 7th, we’ll be giving away free UCO gear each WEEK to those using #TrashTag and doing their part. Check out the Instagram page for our giveaways

Our #Trashtag Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are spreading the word and passionate about the #trashtag project. Check out their profiles to follow along.

Since 1971, UCO has been making gear to help people connect in the great outdoors. To ensure that our natural areas stay clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy for decades to come, we've launched the UCO #TrashTag Project. Along with the help of UCO People ambassador Steven Reinhold, we’re encouraging fans and the general public to commit to picking up after ourselves and one another in the wilderness. UCO has pledged a collective goal of picking up 10,000 pieces of trash by October 2016. For more information check out ucogear.com or the #trashtag instagram page.